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ATCT the <a href=” http://www.atct.com.tn”>Aviation Training Center of Tunisia</a> serves the training needs of cockpit and maintenance flight crews with Full <a href=” http://www.atct.com.tn/template.php?code=11”>Flight Simulator AIRBUS A320</a>, A320 FMGS trainer, A320 <a href=” http://www.atct.com.tn/template.php?code=12”>Flight Training</a> Device

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Our Equipments

Flight simulator training – the inevitable tool of the trade

ATCT simulators offer the best of today’s cutting-edge flight simulator
technology. Available 24 hours a day, these simulators include:

  • Two Full Flight Simulator AIRBUS A320 (A320 FFS)
  • One A320 FMGS trainer (FMST A320)


Full Flight Simulator AIRBUS A320

  • The A 320 simulator(1.3.0) [Download the technical file ]

    ATCT has been operating an A320 full-flight simulator since 2005.

    ATCT is among the handful of proud suppliers of training using the Full Flight Simulator AIRBUS A320.
    This simulator was certified JAR STD 1A Level D which is the highest level of qualification attributed
    by International Regulation Organizations (JAA,Frensh DGAC,Tunisian DGAC…).

    The A 320 simulator (1.3.0) was manufactured in England by Thales Training & Simulation and boasts
    the latest innovations and technology in terms of flight modeling and components (visual system,
    motion system 6°of freedom, digital sound and communications).

    Two engines are used in the simulator – the CFM 56-5B4 and the IAE V2527-A5 – along with
    the highly-acclaimed new visual system, EP-1000. This system represents a new generation of
    airport environment simulating two dozen European and North African airports.

    To top it off, ATCT simulators include an FCDS (Flight Crew Debriefing System) which allows the crew
    to review and analyze their performance with their instructor after exiting the simulator.

  • The A 320 simulator(1.6.0) [Download the technical file ]

    In order to further strengthen its training capabilities a second Thales A320 FFS (Standard 1.6 to be
    certified FSTD - A level D by the French DGAC), has recently been delivered in June 2010.

A320 FMGS trainer (FMST A320):

An FMST (“Flight Management System Trainer”) is also available to allow for the crew to prepare a flight
before using the simulator or even for a pilot to become acquainted with the airplane’s Flight management
system (FMS) in advance.


Our A320 FTD is fully certified JAR FSTD - A Level 1 by the French DGAC. It allows ATCT customers
to greatly increase the quality of their Type Rating while reducing the need for a full flight simulator.

FTD’s have already established themselves as inevitable training tools for Airbus Industry training centers.

In the case of Type Rating upgrades, FTD allows a gain of 30% on training time spent on a simulator.

Computer Based Training (CBT) is also an integral part of the course. Every day, CBT sessions are combined
with hands-on exercises on Airbus’s new state-of-the-art Flight Training Device (FTD).


Thanks to the FTD, trainees can become familiar with cockpit operations starting on the fifth day of training
and benefit from an interactive environment for learning aircraft procedures. Each crew has its own dedicated

FTD also allows the application of the newly developed concept APT2, ( Airbus Pilot Transition Training 2 ).

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