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ATCT the <a href=” http://www.atct.com.tn”>Aviation Training Center of Tunisia</a> serves the training needs of cockpit and maintenance flight crews with Full <a href=” http://www.atct.com.tn/template.php?code=11”>Flight Simulator AIRBUS A320</a>, A320 FMGS trainer, A320 <a href=” http://www.atct.com.tn/template.php?code=12”>Flight Training</a> Device

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Our Location


Discover the beauty of Tunisia

Tunisia is a Mediterranean land of enchantment with a proud past.
The country continues to captivate and fascinate visitors from all over the globe.

Tunisia is the leading tourist destination in North Africa thanks to its natural,
historical and cultural heritage, as well as its service-providing infrastructure including renowned hotels, health and recreation centers.

Tunisia is “within minutes” of major European gateways – just two hours from Paris, one hour from Nice and only 50 minutes away from Rome.

unisia’s proximity to Europe and its mild sunny climate with gentle winters and pleasant summers (11°C in December and 29°C in July) explain the country’s increasing popularity.

The Tunisian sense of hospitality, the wealth of its heritage, the diversity of its landscapes, the fine sand beaches and the gentle scent of jasmine….


All these assets and more contribute to the country’s prosperous tourism industry. You can make the most of your trip to this safe and relaxing destination – make the most of your Tunisian experience.

ATCT boasts a prime location in the popular tourist destination of Gammarth – close to the village of Sidibousaid and the archaeological site of Carthage.

The ATCT center is located in the northern suburbs of Tunis, 20 minutes away from the city and 15 minutes away from the airport, on the Carthage coast.

The area offers a large choice of luxury hotels and a wide variety of leisure activities.

The Republic of Tunisia

Language : Arabic / French / English
Capital : Tunis
Government : Republic
Surface Area : 163,610 km²
Population : 10,225,400 (2007)
Currency : Tunisian Dinar
Time Zone : GMT+1 / Summer (+2)
Country Code (telephone) : +216


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