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ATCT the <a href=” http://www.atct.com.tn”>Aviation Training Center of Tunisia</a> serves the training needs of cockpit and maintenance flight crews with Full <a href=” http://www.atct.com.tn/template.php?code=11”>Flight Simulator AIRBUS A320</a>, A320 FMGS trainer, A320 <a href=” http://www.atct.com.tn/template.php?code=12”>Flight Training</a> Device

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Q : What are the prerequisites to perform a first A320 Type Rating for ab-initio? pilots who do not hold an airplane Type Rating on their pilot license?

A : Trainee prerequisites are : Valid and current CPL / Instrument Rating (IR) on multiengine airplane / ATPL: written exam / Fluent in English / Flight experience : 220 Hours {100 hours as Pilot In Command (PIC) and 25 hours of multi-engine airplane (10 hours can be completed in a simulator)}.

Q : Should ab-initio? pilots perform Entry Level Training before starting the A320 type Rating?

A : Yes, a pilot entering a First Type Rating must have followed the Airbus Entry Level Training (ELT) program (combination of MCC and jet familiarization? course). The A320 ELT enables low experience pilots to acquire the professional level to undergo an A320 Type Rating in the most favourable conditions.

Q : How long does the A320 Type Rating last?

A : The A320 Type Rating can be performed in 24 working days and lasts 33 days (including days off)

Q : What’s the A320 Type Rating course Organisation?

A : The program is divided into three phases (excluding Low visibility Operations and Base Training) :Ground school (15 days) / Handling phase (7 days) / LOFT phase (1 day) / SKILL TEST phase (1 day)

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